SAVOR…Peoria is the exclusive food and beverage provider for the Peoria Civic Center.  No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the facilities by the patron or any of the patron’s guests or invitees.  Food items may not be taken off the premises; however, excess prepared food may be donated under regulated conditions to certified agencies feeding the underprivileged.

Menus – Menu selections and other details pertinent to your functions are required to be submitted to the catering department a minimum of four weeks prior to the first function date. The catering representative handling your event will assist you in selecting the proper menu items and arrangements to ensure a successful event. Our culinary team is happy to customize the perfect menu for your event.

Pricing – Prices quoted do not include 20% administrative fees or sales tax unless otherwise noted. A 20% administrative fee will apply to all food, beverage and labor charges.  Current state and local taxes will apply to all food, beverage, labor and equipment rentals.  Customers claiming tax exempt status must provide satisfactory evidence of such exemption for the state of Illinois.

Prices are subject to change without notice; guaranteed prices will be confirmed when contracted.

Linen – SAVOR provides its in house linen for all meal functions with our compliments. Additional linen fees will apply for specialty linens or linens required for meeting functions. Your Catering Sales Professional will be happy to offer suggestions for your consideration and quote corresponding linen fees.

Guarantees – A guaranteed number of attendees/quantities of food is required no less than five (5) business days prior to the event. This guarantee must be submitted by noon Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If the guarantee is not received, SAVOR…Peoria reserves the right to charge for the most recent number of persons/quantities specified on the contracted event order. Cancellations and reductions of guarantee are subject to full charges within 5 business days prior to event. Attendance higher than the guarantee will be charged the actual event attendance.   Increases greater than 20% will be subject to 20% additional fee based on the menu price (F&B).

Guaranteed greater than or equal to 2,000:

  1. Initial guarantee due 30 days prior to event
  2. Final guarantee due 10 days prior to event
  3. Increase greater than 20% will be subject to 20% additional fee based on the menu price (F&B)

Overset Policy – SAVOR…Peoria will be prepared to provide service staff and have seats available for 5% over-set up to a maximum over-set of 20 guests for plated meals and buffet meals with complete table setups only. There will be an additional charge for each over-set of 20 guests above 5%.

Service Staff – Guest to server ratio is 1 server per 30 guests for plated meal functions and 1 server per 50 guests at buffet functions. This is for service at rounds of ten . Rounds of less than ten guests or a request for additional staffing is subject to labor fees.   Holiday labor rates will apply for events scheduled on holidays.

Event Timeline – All service times are based on two-hour breakfast or lunch service and three-hour dinner service.

Additional service time will be subject to additional labor fees. Event start or end times that deviate more than thirty minutes than contracted will have additional labor fees per hour, per server scheduled.

Beverage Services – We offer a complete selection of beverages to compliment your function. Please note alcoholic beverages and service are regulated by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.  As licensee, SAVOR…Peoria is responsible for the administration of these regulations: NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE BROUGHT ONTO THE PREMISE FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES; WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ALCOHOL SERVICE TO INTOXICATED OR UNDERAGE PERSONS OR FOR ANY REASON AS DEEMED APPROPRIATE BY SAVOR MANAGEMENT.  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE PREMISES.

All Bars are subject to a $50 Bartender fee per Bartender for (4) hours of service.  (1) Bartender fee will be waived for every $350 in cash or hosted sales.  One (1) bartender per 100 guests is required.  All bars close half hour before end of event.

Contracts – A signed copy of the contract outlining all catering services will be provided. The signed contracts state terms, addendum, and specific function sheets constitute the entire agreement between the client and SAVOR…Peoria. Secondary agents, acting on behalf of the primary client receiving services, may sign the contract on their behalf only with full payment in advance. Any changes, revisions, additions or deletions to the banquet contract and banquet event orders shall be in writing and confirmed by both parties.

Cancellations – Any event cancelled less than 5 business days prior to the event will incur 100% of the estimated charges. Please note, for specialty menus or items, a longer window of cancellation may be necessary, this is determined on an event by event basis.

Payment/Deposit – An initial deposit in the amount noted on the Catering Contract is payable, along with a signed contract, at the specified date on the contract letter to guarantee catering services. Full payment of the balance due, based on the guarantee, is payable 30 days prior to the event. Payment can be made in cash or certified check. For additions, a major credit card is required to guarantee payment of any replenishment or new orders requested during a show/function. These charges will be billed to the credit card unless payment is received at the end of the show/function.

Additional Documents:

SAVOR...Peoria General Info
SAVOR…Peoria General Info
SAVOR…Peoria Sampling Authorization Request
SAVOR…Peoria Sampling Authorization Request
SAVOR...Peoria CC Authorization
SAVOR…Peoria CC Authorization